Bridging science and society

To solve the environmental challenges our world is facing we need more than environmental research. We need collaborative efforts, an interdisciplinary approach and real-world applications.

Evidence-based and interdisciplinary science

We combine applied research and development with close collaboration between industry and the public sphere. Our consultancy is evidence-based, and our research is characterized by interdisciplinary science and system thinking.

Founded by the state and the business sector

IVL was jointly founded in 1966 by the Swedish state and national business interests to carry out research on industrial air and water issues. Today we are an environmental agency concentrating on much more. Common to all of our assignments is the interaction between ecological, economic and social perspectives.

Engineers, chemists and political scientists

We employ more than 300 engineers, behavioural scientists, chemists, marine biologists, biologists, political scientists, journalists, business developers and economists – to name only a few. We also possess exceptional specialist skills – a fourth of our employees have doctorates.

Our vision is a sustainable society

Our core values are credibility, foresight and a holistic perspective. Our vision is a sustainable society. We are pushing the transition to a sustainable society by taking science to society, turning environmental problems into opportunities and bending linear processes into a circular economy.

The story of IVL

Follow IVL and Sweden's environmental history on a journey from 1966. Many previous environmental problems have been solved, and we have already started researching future problems - from science to reality.

Upcoming events

We invite you to future-oriented meetings and seminars in climate and sustainability. Read more about our events and find out which event suits you best.

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