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News | 2022-02-04
Eskilstuna Aquarius with a cloudy sky

What have we been up to in 2021?

Learn more about what has been done in some of the work packages and demo sites of Flexi-Sync during 2021.

In the second annual report you can dig into what is happening at the Borås demo site in Sweden where both the housing company Willhem and energy company Borås Energi och Miljö are keen to learn about new business models for flexibility. In work package 5, presented by RISE in the annual report, such business models will be explored. In the Parc Bit demo site, on the island of Mallorca in Spain, the Spanish project partner Sampol hope to contribute to reduced climate emissions. Chalmers, leader of work package 3, on the other hand is looking into how future climate will impact energy systems. Read about all this in the annual report for 2021 Pdf, 5.1 MB.!